Advances in India

Like many countries around the world, governments tend to be slow getting necessary protocols through. Even if evidence proves a positive good for the health and happiness of a nation, often it just takes a push in the right direction to get the gears in motion. The advancements with solar PV in India are not only a shining example to the world (including the United States), but also it helps shed light on the positives of solar power.

TERI, the Energy Resource Institute, one of the greatest and most influential actors in the advocacy campaign for solar power in India has made several powerful and interesting advancements over the years. The following are a list of only several of the many ongoing and completed projects TERI created in India and a brief explanation of them.

TERI’s Lighting a Billion Lives campaign LaBL: “Since its launch, LaBL has illuminated around 30,000 households spread over 550 villages across 15 Indian states. Solar lanterns are recharged at a village solar charging station and rented out to the villagers at a daily nominal cost. These charging stations, while ensuring quality services at affordable rate, also provide green jobs to local people who manage these stations; besides helping reduce consumption of subsidized kerosene substantially.”

Pilot Project on solar PV based hybrid charging station for e-bikes: “The proposed solar PV based hybrid charging station for e-bikes would consist of installed solar PV array in conjunction with grid and necessary charge controllers for charging the e-bikes. In addition the hybrid system would also have the option to charge buffer batteries for other applications. The objectives of the project are (a) Design and development of solar PV based hybrid charging station for e-bikes, (b) Field testing and customization of the charging station, (c) Finding roadmap for commercialization of such activity.To take this initiative ahead, TERI has formed a consortium with ST Micro electronics, Moser Baer and Ultra motors. Two e-bikes for this project will be supplied by Ultra motors and solar PV will be supplied by Moser Baer. TERI will jointly develop electronics with ST Micro electronics and the required electronics will be supplied by them.”

Training Course for Rural Communities: “As part of the ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation)/SCAAP (Special Commonwealth African Assistance Programme) of the Government of India, TERI, for the second consecutive year, conducted a 3-week Course titled ‘Designing and Implementing Solar Energy based Livelihood Projects for Rural Communities’ in New Delhi from 12 September to 30 September 2011.The objective of the course was to build the capacity of organizations and individuals from developing countries, enabling them to apply the enhanced knowledge and skills in large-scale generation of sustainable livelihoods utilizing solar technology.”

For a list of all projects TERI has implemented and continues in implement in India please click the following link:



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