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A step in the right direction, solar PV growth in India

In a rapidly growing economy, with a rapidly increasing population, nothing is more important that establishing energy policies to be carried out over the course of several years. For instance, Germany has recently released news of their commitment to converting to 100% … Continue reading

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Where is Concentrated Solar Power Best Utilized?

Check out the power of concentrated solar power and its global potential!

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To What Extent is Solar PV Renewable?

There are many reasons why solar PV attracts so much attention. The biggest of all perhaps being that it is quite environmentally friendly. Across the globe many countries are attempting to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, respond to climate change, and … Continue reading

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TD Bank Announces carbon neutral bank, check it out!

Fort Lauderdale is chosen by TD to have the first net-zero energy bank in the US! Good news for solar, as the bank’s electricity will be entirely fueled by its own solar panels. Check out the video too on their … Continue reading

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