3 Big Names Getting Behind Solar

With expansion into the private sector, solar PV makes the argument that not only is solar power renewable, but also, more importantly, it is profitable. Nothing is more attractive than an unlimited source of revenue. A few big companies have recently decided to join in on this business venture, such as: Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, and IBM. Apple, in particular, has not only published plans for a “100-acre, 20-megawatt solar array in North Carolina,” but also, “filed a patent to make a solar-powered iPod and other related devices.” Insights into solar PV technology, like Apple’s, creates an ever-expanding market for the energy source. Since most of the digital products today are portable, applying solar technology could eventually lead to a phasing out of the battery. No more plugging in and no more dead phones. Giant companies like these give great attention to solar PV and make it more attractive for industry leaders to embrace this technology.


About rspv

I'm a first year student in the MSGA program at New York University. I'm considering focusing on the Energy and the Environment sector. I have a BA in East Asian Lang. & Lit. with a concentration in Mandarin Chinese.
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